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Cockatiel cage selection

cockatiel cageThe cage requirements are important, do not get a cage that is too small, 18 x 18 x is better. I like a cage with a door that is huge; this makes it much easier to find out the bird of the cage. There are various sizes and shapes on the market and of course you could create your own. You pay attention to the fact as well as galvanized particles that these carry zinc coating which could be toxic. Wash it and brush off any loose particles of metal. Please see our article on Zinc Toxic sis, on our Marvin’s Tips page this goes for store bought cages that are made from galvanized wire also. A cage is much more practical than a cage, because birds fly flat rather than straight up and down. Plus if the food cups are up high in a cage that the seeds that fall out will drop further out which makes for greater mess. Ornamental cages with bottoms that are smaller aren’t practical, for the simple reason if the bird lands from the perch that’s not placed over the tray, guess what it won’t miss your flooring.

I like a cage that’s square, although the dome tops are beautiful you can’t set on top of it. Of course it is possible to put this somewhere else if you are not cramped for space as some people are, I have friends in college apartments but have made play channels that are exceptional in addition to a top cage. Or if you are fortunate enough to get one the top opens into a play station.

The perches for your pet are significant you do not want perches that are. I like perches of more than 1 size since Cockatiels like all birds spend on their toes. This way they are less likely to develop calluses and do not need to break their feet in the same place all the time.

The cups at the store bought cage frequently comes Mess for us may be an obstruction to a Cockatiel searching for it is food and water. Please remove the hoods at least until the bird gets to know its cage. Personally I do not use the hoods for Cockatiels in any respect, because a lot of them are too little to begin with sized more for a budgie. Try not to put your perches as your bird will soil it is food and water. Clean out the cups frequently as you do your own dishes, and the perches may be cleaned with mild soapy water, but be certain you rinse well and let them dry thoroughly before returning them to the cage.  Visit

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